Welcome to call.center™

  • call.center™ is specifically designed to be the only phone app that you will ever need. This means that we incorporate all the key components for robust business, professional and personal communications into one seamless app, with plentiful features integrating standard and advanced telephony services.
  • The call.center™ app presents a unique and innovative drag-to-call user interface (UI), where all the necessary functions are displayed front and center, smoothly integrating and optimizing voice operations with the workflow processes.
  • call.center™ is available for multiple operating system platforms including iOS, Android and Windows, allowing you to standardize on this app wherever you go.

Secure and Remote Provisioning

The call.center™ phone app is designed for those who want to own full control of their app user’s experience. Our free-to-use management portal allows you to securely configure, maintain and control call.center™ apps regardless of their location or operating system. This means that SIP credentials and passwords may be hidden from users, providing a significant layer of security for your network.